“Such are the perfections of fiction...Everything it teaches is useless insofar as structuring your life: you can’t prop up anything with fiction. It, in fact, teaches you just that. That in order to attempt to employ its specific wisdom is a sign of madness...There is more profit in an hour’s talk with Billy Graham than in a reading of Joyce. Graham might conceivably make you sick, so that you might move, go somewhere to get well. But Joyce just sends you out into the street, where the world goes on, solid as a bus. If you met Joyce and said 'Help me,' he’d hand you a copy of Finnegans Wake. You could both cry.” – Gilbert Sorrentino, Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sergio De La Pava's New Novel

I've just been informed by De La Pava's publisher that his second novel, currently entitled Personae, will be published "soon", and very likely this Spring (that's the Northern Hemisphere Spring). As anyone who's read his first novel, A Naked Singularity, knows, this is incredibly exciting news--and, in what's already shaping up to be a very strong year for literature, this is easily my most-anticipated book of 2011.


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing surprise.

Emmett Stinson said...

Yes, agreed--it was certainly the best news I had received last week.

Steve Russillo said...

Do NOT tease me!! This news--if true--is the cure for all that ails me!

I'm linking you on my Naked Singlarity page:


Emmett Stinson said...

Dear Steve:

This is 100% true and comes from the horse's mouth as the saying goes--I, too, am very excited. On another note, I love the pages on your blog about De La Pava and Evan Dara--great stuff, and I actually initially read about A Naked Singularity on your website, so thanks for that!

Emmett Stinson said...

Also, here's some evidence: a contributor bioat Triple Canopy of De La Pava that mentions the book:

Steve Russillo said...

No announcement from author or publicist, but Xlibris has a description, a four-page excerpt, and what appears to be an activated purchase link here:


Emmett Stinson said...

Thanks, Steve! Apparently the link went up early, but I'm pretty excited about the book based on the excerpt already--very exciting stuff!

Levi Stahl said...

I can't remember whether I've mentioned this here yet, but in May the University of Chicago Press (for which I work as promotions director) will be publishing A Naked Singularity. We're really excited to get a chance to bring the book to a much wider audience. Information is here: http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/N/bo13106363.html

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